Our desire is that this league will continue the CFC legacy of unifying the cultures of the world in Chattanooga by drawing us back to our humanity and the love of the game.



This league will live under the CFC foundation, which allows us to put your registration fees directly to work impacting our communities.

We hope that CFL will accurately reflect the diversity of our city and be a positive, life-giving environment for all who choose to participate.

Thank you all for your powerful participation in the Chattanooga Football League culture, and we hope you will continue your support of CFC and the CFC foundation by joining a Chattanooga Football League squad.

These leagues are structured creatively to foster a competitive environment for all skill levels, with a high value placed on sportsmanship, relationship, and fun. All thoughts are welcome as to ways in which we can improve our league. Please don't hesitate to email us or leave a voicemail or text.


Thank you so much, and hope to see you on the pitch.



Summer 2021 Season Starts June 20th

Summer 2021 Details

  • Registration closes June 13th (any registration after this date will result in a late regsitration fee)
  • Team roster must be registered (minimum of 7 players) by registration close date.
  • Teams will be allowed to add players to their roster until Week 2. After Week 2, teams will not be allowed to add players (no exceptions)
  • Each registered player must wear numbered jersey (provided with registration) to play.
  • Teams must wear team jersey with matching color shorts.
  • Jersyes are valid for the entire year. (Until Winter 2022)
  • Players must only need to purchase a jersey if they decide to switch teams or if a team wants to change colors.
  • Players must wear crew or long socks (do not have to match). NO ANKLE SOCKS.
  • Larger divisions (as registrations allow)
  • Players will be allowed to play in multiple divisions (teams)
  • Shinguards recommended, but not required (required in Over 30/40 League)
  • Roster checks before every match
  • NO CLEATS ALLOWED (tennis shoes/indoor soccer shoes, turf soccer shoes recommended)
  • $60/person numbered jersey included
  • $50/person no jersey
  • 5v5 $500/team numbered jersey included
  • 8v8 $650/team numbered jersey included
  • 5v5 $400/team no jersey
  • 8v8 $550/team no jersey

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Temperature checks at entrance
  • Separate locations for entrance and exit on fields
  • Spectators must be 6ft apart
  • All players must wear face covering when entering and exiting the fields
  • Minimize physical contact, especially during game play
  • Players must be 6ft apart on the sidelines
  • If sick, stay home

Season Duration

  • 10-12 week seasons
  • Either 8, 10, or 12 teams per division. (as registrations allow)
  • Each team is guaranteed at least 8 games.
  • Based on regular league standings, bottom 3 TEAMS are relegated* while top 4 TEAMS in each division advance to playoffs.
*ONLY if 8 teams in a division, after regular season, bottom 4 teams play an avoid relegation playoff. Top 4 teams in the division have finals playoff.

Available Leagues

  • Sunday Open D1 8v8 Elite (This is our most competitive league with former pro and college experience athletes. Any age, any gender.)
  • Sunday Open D2 8v8 League
  • Sunday Night Over 30 5v5 (any gender, must turn 30 within the year the league starts)
  • Sunday Night Over 40 5v5 (any gender, must be 40 years or older)
  • Tuesday Open 5v5 (any age, any gender)
  • Wednesday Co-Ed 8v8 (any age, any gender; 3 female players on field at all time)
  • Thursday Night Women's 5v5 (any age, women only)

3 Divisions in Each League

  • 1st Division (D1)
  • 2nd Division (D2)
  • 3rd Division (D3)
*As registrations allow.

Promotion and Relegation

  • Each division has a minimum of 8 teams. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in D2 and D3 are given the opportunity to advance to the division above them.
  • Teams with bottom 3 records from D1 and D2 get relegated down to the division below them. This is done to allow the outcome of the matches to decide which division a team plays in. It creates competitive games for all skill levels, while also meaning that every game and every goal counts.
*Divisions are based on number of teams registered. If there are not enough teams to fill a division, be prepared to play up or down a tier, as needed, while we get things off the ground. Thanks for understanding.


Prizes vary by division. The higher the division, the better the rewards for winning.

  • D1
    • Awards and Trophies
    • Options for jerseys, t-shirts, others
    • CFC Game-day and social media recognition
  • D2
    • Awards and Trophies
    • Options for jerseys, t-shirts, others
    • Social media recognition
  • D3
    • Awards and Trophies
    • Social media recognition








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